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WE offer a variety of custom packaging options for your card decks.

Many packaging options are available, our Standard Packaging is a white tuck box with your card art on one side as shown below. These far superior to some others out there that have a hole cut out so you can see just a portion of the design, and those are real flimsy too.

Playing card box

Our Standard Packaging Includes your custom design! Optional 2 piece Acrylic cases can be chosen at checkout. They are $1.00-$2.00 each depending on the quantity

2 piece acrylic casehinged case

Optional 2 piece acrylic cases allow the design to show through.

You will need to choose your packaging preference when checking out as shown below.

Choose card options

And we offer many other options such as Custom Tuck Boxes or Shrink wrapped only

Fully Custom tuck boxes are certainly the way to make your playing card decks complete and fully customized. We will send you a template to lay out the art and we will assist. There is lots of real estate on a custom tuck box such as the top and bottom flaps and both side panels. This allows plenty of room for your branding, website information and custom art. Many fully custom tuck boxes that we make also include instructions of some kind and even quite often previews of what cards may be in the deck. Custom Playing Card boxes are the first thing people notice when a deck of cards is picked up, these are high quality printing and finished in a gloss coating.

  • Fully Customized Printed Tuck Boxes (54 deck minimum)
  • Hinged Acrylic Cases
  • 2 Piece “shoe box” style
  • Plain white tuck boxes

Each deck is individually shrink wrapped regardless of the chosen box style.

Playing card box samples

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