Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards NOW Available

Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards NOW Available

Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards NOW Available thanks to some recent upgrades and material handling features we have implemented.

Our NEW plastic playing cards are 100% waterproof-. Playing cards in the pool or while sipping a few cocktails, just wipe them off if they get wet. Besides being waterproof many folks enjoy the feel and ease of shuffling our plastic card decks. These cards are a bit thinner than standard Casino Quality paper decks we manufacture by design.

Casino’s use Plastic Playing Cards for their durability and the fact they will not tear or bend. Where as some people have always used the standard casino paper type playing cards as their preference. These Plastic Playing Cards are also a good choice when making a deck for a child due to the durability.

You can make a great game of a deck of Old Fish cards which is a combination of Old Maid and Go Fish. Children love this game with it’s colorful art and pretty amazing graphics. Best of all, when children play this deck that may have a picture of them on it that adds to the excitement.

All our playing card decks and materials we use are kid friendly and safe to use without any toxins.

Card Games that can be played with our plastic card decks that children enjoy include crazy eights. With a standard poker deck or jumbo index deck there are many games kids enjoy playing. Should your children write on these cards, most inks and crayons will clean right off that insures years of fun for all.

We offer these Plastic Playing Cards in small quantities due to the demand. If a large order of Plastic decks is needed please call us for bulk pricing 1-800-364-3201. You can also email us anytime @ info@yourplayingcards.com or get us through the contact us page below.

Feel free to request samples before you buy @ https://yourplayingcards.com/contact-us/plastic playing cards

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