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Paper or Plastic Playing Cards

Paper or Plastic Playing Cards, what’s your preference?

Now you have a choice, Casino Quality Paper or 100% Plastic for your decks. You’re gonna love these as all our customers do!

Now a days many casinos use plastic playing cards on their gaming tables due to the durability of them. Some people do prefer plastic playing cards but old school card players still prefer the Casino style paper playing card. The plastic will shuffle much easier right from the start of opening the deck whereas the paper version will require a break in period. After numerous times of handling the cards and dealing them out the paper playing cards do get much easier to shuffle. Our paper brand of decks are top quality and it is the product we sell most. Whatever your preference, since all our products are of premium quality and are sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment to you and yours.

Upon checkout you will see the screen as indicated below, You must Choose either Paper or Plastic.

Please note:

Our 100% Plastic decks feel and play great, while on orders of less than 250 decks they are NOT considered Casino grade due to the print method of small orders.

Orders of 250 decks or more are manufactured differently and those are considered Casino Quality. 100% Plastic decks are at an additional cost due to the cost of the raw materials, the additional cost is calculated per the amount of decks you picked on the selection page prior to the screen show below.

Production times for these decks is approx. 5-7 days to insure quality.

Rook Decks are not available in Plastic and will be substituted with the Casino Paper

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You must Choose either Paper or Plastic upon checkout.

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