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Are you wasting your money buying Customized Playing Cards from one of those on-line photo services, they assume they won’t be used, and rather a keepsake you will put in your junk drawer. Our decks are made to be played and as a result, have a long life with normal usage including our Plastic Playing Cards.

imported from France, our quality playing cards are made from the finest Casino Quality stock. The weight is 320 gsm and they have a black graphite liner so you cannot see through them. The plastic coating is that of real cards. “Not a Cheap Imitation”. Above all, We sell Quality Playing Cards

How to Start?

All types of applications support jpg files. Create your own custom art and save it as a jpg or jpeg image in RGB mode and you will be able to upload it into our builder and make your cards. Optimum resolution is 300 dpi @ 2″x3″ (600 x 900 pixels). Although the results with 72 dpi are very good, it is better to use the builder to add your text for best results.


Send to Fix My Photo and we will convert any file type so that you can upload it into our builder. Just attach your photo to the above link and we’ll fix it and send it back to you. Therefore you can send us your picture or graphics and we will advise if there is a quality issue.

Quality Control

Our QC department will notify you of any issues prior to printing. If we don’t like it, we won’t print it! Furthermore, We’ll print anything: Almost!*

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