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That’s right… Look for us between your favorite TV shows and on your favorite TV shows- CSI NY used our cards and a clip from the show is coming soon! In The News, Your playing cards

In The News, Your playing cards. Check back often since we are always adding features. Announces the Release of it’s NEW Playing Card customization software-

In The News, Your playing cards-Fully Customized decks

Scheduled for June 1, 2007, has announced it’s plans for the debut of and it’s latest version of Playing card Customization Software. Therefore adding more options for customers while most of all increasing user options.

“It’s One of a kind” says YPC president John Rowland. “Giving the user the ability to fully customize a whole deck of cards over the internet and in real time is unheard of”.

Rowland goes on to say: “We have harnessed the power of the internet and today’s latest technology in web applications and printing. Now we can offer our customers a truly unique product and the method of creating it”.
Allowing for orders as small as one deck and with each card having the possibility of a different picture or graphic, will revolutionize the personalized playing card industry.

YOURPLAYINGCARDS.COM Publishes Unique Martial Arts Card Game!

I am Jose Luis (“Jay-el”) Hinojosa, 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Grand Champion© is my creation. Grand Champion©, the world’s first ever card game based on the martial arts! So now I was really excited!!! Trouble was, I couldn’t find a publisher to get as excited as I. Then I competed in the World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes’ World Games VI on July 2005 in Rosenheim, Germany.

I was a proud member of Team America from the USA. After an inspirational performance (which I dedicated to my late Mother). I won the Grand Championship in Weapons! Well, a funny thing happens when you win a World Championship. People actually listen to you now. And so, I again contacted a plethora of card game publishers with my idea for this new and exciting card game that would revolutionize the martial arts world.

Within 24 hours, I received four (4) responses from publishers who were interested in helping me make Grand Champion© a reality! Amongst them was a note from Dave Beaulieu, with, who eventually became my publisher. On July 5, 2006, I received my first batch of Grand Champion© decks. (just as Dave and had promised)…and the thrill was unleashed to the world!

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