How to make a set of custom playing cards in 3 simple steps

Is it true that you are a fanatic of custom playing cards game? Have you thought of making your customized playing cards? It may sound challenging yet trust me it’s something you can achieve in a matter of moments. There are so many approaches out there but most of them come with various expenses. So I came across this simple, modest and fruitful approach that I would like to present in this post. Just read on and get informed.

Steps to making your custom playing cards

  1. Collect your supplies

In this first phase, you need to gather the primary requirements. With this approach, you will need only 3 major supplies.

  1. The design of your cards
  2. Pack of Playing Cards
  3. Deck Protectors(Commonly known as Cards Sleeves)

Just to recommend, Your Playing Cards will probably be the best store to get your cards from. Two decks go for $2.99. That’s quite cheap and affordable. As for the Card protectors (Cards Sleeves), you just get them from any heap store. At Big Box Stores, Walmart and Target you can get your pack of 54 sleeves at $5 . The number of packs you need to buy will entirely depend on how many cards you need to make. So obviously if your deck needs more than 52 playing cards, then you will be required to buy more than one packet of card sleeves.

  1. Build and print your cards

At this stage, you need to have a laptop or any type of personal computer and a good printer. Also, your pc needs to have Microsoft Excel or any other Spreadsheet similar to excel. This will help you with the vertical printing on the labels

Alternatively, you can decide to use the Microsoft word processor. But the word processor has its limitations. It will be a little bit challenging to successfully do the vertical label printing. So I would confidently advise you to work with Excel for better results.

Just to add on that, many people do write the labels with bare hands. Which to me seems to be flexible compared to the two options above.

Or you can just visit Your Playing Cards to create your custom playing cards.


Pro note:

Using the Nan Deck Program would make things much easier with doing vertical printing.

  1. Finish your cards

The last step will involve adding the labels.

Below is a list of what you should expect as the final results

  • The cards should shuffle as expected handle perfectly.
  • This seems to be good/bad news. The labels are permanent and cannot be removed. So the good news here is that the deck will last while the bad news is that there will no room for changing the card. And if you manage to, it will be after a whole lot of work! Alternatively, you can stick a new label onto the original card in case any need for change arises. But then, this will also have its disadvantages. Remember, the new labels will have some thickness which you may not notice with a single card. It will only be evident after a few cards.

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