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This will take you through a step by step demonstration on how to create your own Custom Playing Cards and the easiest way to understand how our service works.

Remember. These are official Poker Sized Playing Cards and although you may be seeing the preview on your huge computer screen, the cards measure 2.5 x 3.5″. Please verify your text is readable in the chosen color as shown on the preview


  • All functions in the builder operate with a click
  • Choose the orientation of which to build your Custom Playing Cards
  • Create your own borders, thickness and colors or choose from our Border Gallery Images
  • FREE PHOTO FIX: Send to Fix My Photo and we will convert any file type so that you can upload it into our builder. Just attach your photo to the above link.
  • Upload your image or choose from our Image Gallery
  • Enlarging enables you to reposition the crop area outside your photo area
  • Place hand/arrow in the center of the picture and you can change the crop by dragging the box
  • Click and drag the rainbow corner and you can enlarge, reduce your image
  • Optimum image size is 600 x 900 and should not exceed 2Mb for best
  • results. If desired cropping is not achieved, return to your image editing
  • program to crop or add white space and upload it again
  • Mirrored option button is only available when building a “Portrait Style” card. This option creates some pretty cool effects and also allows you to choose separators.


  • Pick your fonts, properties and colors
  • Type your message in the active text box and click add new text. You can add as many lines as you want.
  • You can drag your text within the card by clicking on it in the display.
  • To add more text, click off the active text in preview and again type within the text field and click the add new text button.
  • Create drop shadows by duplicating your text in a different color
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