Custom Poker Chip & Card Sets

Custom Poker Chips and Card Sets

Who does not love playing poker? It is a whole lot of fun in itself when playing with your friends and family. Now, what if you can make your own custom poker chips and cards? Won’t it be more fun than? Surely it will be and you can easily get your own custom poker chips on our website. We provide a variety of options to you, where you can design & create your own set and enjoy playing it with others on special occasions. Let’s take a look at what you get when you design and order your custom poker chips and card sets from us:

Personalized Logo and Initials:

We provide 300 and 500 chip sets that you can customize by adding your own logo or initials. This will make your poker chips unique and limited. Thus, every time you play poker, it will easily become the topic of people all around you. You will also get a dealer button and two decks of Custom Playing Cards that you can customize & design using our real-time Custom Card Builder.


Two Personalized Decks of Cards:

Your Playing Cards has maintained its reputation of being capable to provide thousands of customizing options to its customers, wherein you can select from a long list of options and design a deck of cards that defines your sense of art and vision. Using our real-time Custom Card Builder, where you can design your playing cards completely yourself. You can choose the layout of your playing cards where you can select the orientation, Card Style, Border type, thickness, color, and galleries. You can also choose to upload your own image to be printed on the cards or you can select from thousands of images available in our gallery. The Card Builder also allows you to write text on the cards.


The pricing and the shipping of your order will depend on the type of poker chips and card sets you intend to purchase i.e., 300 and 500 chip sets have different prices. So, the next time you plan a poker night with your friends, or your relatives, you know you have something that they will love. Hurry and let us make you a beautiful set of Custom Poker Chips and Card Sets.


All you have to do is to tell us your ideas and we will do the rest of the work. So, visit our website and create your own designs today. In case of any queries related to the cost of your order or delivery, you can also give us a call (800 364 3201) or you can drop us a mail at Our experts will get back to you once we receive your request. So, hurry up and create a whole new customized game for you & others, and let everyone enjoy your masterpiece.




Custom Poker Chips and Card Sets