7 Factors to consider before buying quality poker cards.

Shopping for quality poker cards can be quite a daunting task. There is a wide range of custom poker cards in the market today. Selecting the best deck of poker cards can be overwhelming.  You should always  go for decks that offer the best quality. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing which deck to buy. Here is a list of some of the things you should take into consideration when selecting a quality deck of poker cards:


You should go for cards that are built to last. Such cards should be made from quality and durable material that doesn’t wear off quickly. You should also go for cards with a gloss coating that prevents moisture and dust from damaging them. Besides, ensure your cards comes with a durable duck box for housing your deck of cards when not in use.


Playing cards can be made from three different materials. It can be made of plastic, paper, or vinyl. Cards made of plastic are the most durable. Although cards made of vinyl are a cheaper option, they bend easily and won’t last for long. Cards made of paper are the most affordable and the least durable. They also tend to get dirty quickly.


You should consider the design of the back and the front of the deck you want to buy. A good deck should have its back covered with white borders that make cheating impossible. A simpler back design prevents fraud from happening during plays.

The front should feature a good design that is readable. An excellent card should be readable from a distance of five feet. Players seated at a table should find it easy to tell what suits and numbers are showing.

Number of color suits

You should choose between going for a card with two cloud suits or the one that comes with four color suits. The new trend in poker cards is a four-color deck. The four-color suit deck features spades and hearts that remain black and red. Diamonds and clubs remain blue and green, respectively.


You must also keep in mind what the deck is for before you buy one. If you are looking for poker cards for a friendly game or candies with your family, then you can buy a cheap paper deck. If the decks are for a serious game, then you should choose plastics decks that feature good readability. They should also be hard to mark.

Novelty cards

You should consider choosing cards that add some fun and flair to the game. Such cards may be adorned with pin-up girls or guys. However, not all novelty cards are easy to read. You should ensure the novelty card you choose is readable. It should also meet a suitable design qualification that enables easy and fun play

Finally, in case you are looking for quality custom canasta cards or custom poker cards, you can use the above guide to get the best cards that will enable a smooth and fun play.


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